Multi-threaded technology in numerical simulation OF LASER BEAMS propagation IN A SELF-ACTION conditions
I.L. Plastun, A.G. Misurin

Full text of article: Russian language.

On the basis of spatio-temporal numerical model of the frequency - modulated cw laser beam propagating in resonance self-action conditions the performance of various parallel computing technologies: CUDA, OpenCL, GLSL, OpenMP was compared. It is shown that the numerical scheme based on the method of splitting and decomposition of Gauss-Laguerre modes, gives the highest performance on the basis of the use of programming technique GLSL, realized on the video card ATI Radeon HD4890 from AMD, which is 3 times the speed of calculations of the same problem based on the CUDA technology to NVidia video card..

Key words:
resonance self-action, laser beam propagation, frequency modulation, method of splitting, decomposition of Gauss-Laguerre modes, parallel computing, CUDA, OpenCL, GLSL, NVidia, ATI


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