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Numerical and experimental studies of dispersionless multimode beams generated using a DOE

S.A. Borodin 1, A.V. Volkov 1, 2, N.L. Kazanskiy 1, 2, V.S. Pavelyev 1, 2S.V. Karpeev 1, 2

A.N. Palagushkin 1, S.A. Prokopenko 1, A.P. Sergeev 3, A.N.Arlamenko 3
1Samara State Aerospace University(SSAU)
2Image Processing Systems Institute of RAS
3Institute of Optical Neural Technologiesof RAS

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Pages: 41-44.

Full text of article: Russian language.

This work is devoted to the study of dispersionless multimode beams generated using diffractive optical elements (DOEs). The results of experiments on the generation and study of dispersionless multimode beams are presented. The results of numerical and field experiments are in mutual agreement..

diffraction optical elements, DOE, dispersionless multimode beam.

Borodin SA, Volkov AV, Kazanskiy NL, Pavelyev VS, Karpeev SV, Palagushkin AN, Prokopenko SA, Sergeev AP, Arlamenko AN. Numerical and experimental studies of dispersionless multimode beams generated using a DOE. Computer Optics 2005; 27: 41-44..

This work was supported by a grant from the President of the Russian Federation NSh-1007.2003.1, as well as the Russian-American program “Basic Research and Higher Education” (“BRHE”) and grants from the Russian Foundation for Basic Research 04-02-08094 and 05-01-96505.


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