A method to improve the resolution of the diffraction spectrophotometer
D.S. Mikhailova


Siberian State University of Geosystems and Technology, Novosibirsk, Russia

Full text of article: Russian language.


In a number of situations, the resolution of modern spectrometers may be not high enough. This communication describes the use of an auxiliary interferometer together with a diffraction spectrometer, thus enabling its resolution and sensitivity to be enhanced during spectroscopy of adsorbed molecular layers. In this way, the industrial device is turned into a combined diffraction-interference monochromator. Numerical calculations and experiments show that the resolution of the combined diffraction spectrometer can be enhanced by an order of magnitude. In addition, the described device is a tunable multi-beam interferometer, allowing scanning through the spectrum. Scanning is done by turning the multi-beam interferometer. The article provides experimental data on adjusting the interferometer by tilting it with respect to incident radiation. Provision is made for the adjustment of the device by using a piezo plate. The increased sensitivity of the combined device allows it to be used as a spectrum analyzer of adsorbed substances. The design of the attachment provides an easy-to-install fitting for the input of the substance under test.

resolving power, free spectral region, multibeam interference.

Mikhailova DS. A method to improve the resolution of the diffraction spectrophotometer. Computer Optics 2016; 40(6): 850-854. DOI: 10.18287/2412-6179-2016-40-6-850-854.


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