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MIDV-500: a dataset for identity document analysis and recognition on mobile devices in video stream

V.V. Arlazarov1,2,3, K. Bulatov1,2,3, T. Chernov3, V.L. Arlazarov1,2,3

Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology (State University), Moscow, Russia,  
Institute for Systems Analysis, FRC CSC RAS, Moscow, Russia,
LLC "Smart Engines Service", Moscow, Russia

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DOI: 10.18287/2412-6179-2019-43-5-818-824

Pages: 818-824.

Full text of article: English language.

A lot of research has been devoted to identity documents analysis and recognition on mobile devices. However, no publicly available datasets designed for this particular problem currently exist. There are a few datasets which are useful for associated subtasks but in order to facilitate a more comprehensive scientific and technical approach to identity document recognition more specialized datasets are required. In this paper we present a Mobile Identity Document Video dataset (MIDV-500) consisting of 500 video clips for 50 different identity document types with ground truth which allows to perform research in a wide scope of document analysis problems. The paper presents characteristics of the dataset and evaluation results for existing methods of face detection, text line recognition, and document fields data extraction. Since an important feature of identity documents is their sensitiveness as they contain personal data, all source document images used in MIDV-500 are either in public domain or distributed under public copyright licenses.
The main goal of this paper is to present a dataset. However, in addition and as a baseline, we present evaluation results for existing methods for face detection, text line recognition, and document data extraction, using the presented dataset.

document analysis and recognition, dataset, identity documents, video stream recognition.

Arlazarov VV, Bulatov K, Chernov T, Arlazarov VL. MIDV-500: a dataset for identity document analysis and recognition on mobile devices in video stream. Computer Optics 2019, 43(5): 818-824. DOI: 10.18287/2412-6179-2019-43-5-818-824.

This work is partially supported by Russian Foundation for Basic Research (projects 17-29-03170 and 17-29-03370). All source images for MIDV-500 dataset are obtained from Wikimedia Commons. Author attributions for each source images are listed in the description table at ftp://smartengines.com/midv-500/documents.pdf.


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