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Orbital angular momentum of superpositions of optical vortices after passing through a sector diaphragm
A.A. Kovalev 1,2

IPSI RAS – Branch of the FSRC "Crystallography and Photonics" RAS,
443001, Samara, Russia, Molodogvardeyskaya 151,
Samara National Research University, 443086, Samara, Russia, Moskovskoye Shosse 34

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DOI: 10.18287/2412-6179-CO-1072

Pages: 196-203.

Full text of article: Russian language.

In optical communications, it is desirable to know some quantities describing a light field, that are conserved on propagation or resistant to some distortions. Typically, optical vortex beams are characterized by their orbital angular momentum (OAM) and/or topological charge (TC). Here, we study what happens with the OAM of a superposition of two or several optical vortices (with different TCs) when it is distorted by a hard-edge sector aperture. We discover several cases when such perturbation does not violate the OAM of the whole superposition. The first case is when the incident beam consists of two vortices of the same power. The second case is when the aperture half-angle equals an integer number of π divided by the difference between the topological charges. For more than two incident beams, this angle equals an integer number of π divided by the greatest common divisor of all possible differences between the topological charges. For two incident vortex beams with real-valued radial envelopes of the complex amplitudes, the OAM is also conserved when there is a ±(pi)/2 phase delay between the beams. When two beams with the same power pass through a binary radial grating, their total OAM is also conserved.

sector aperture, orbital angular momentum, optical vortex, superposition.

Kovalev AA. Orbital angular momentum of superpositions of optical vortices after passing through a sector diaphragm. Computer Optics 2022; 46(2): 196-203. DOI: 10.18287/2412-6179-CO-1072.

This work was supported by the Russian Science Foundation under Project No. 18-19-00595 (Sections "Normalized orbital angular momentum of a superposition of two optical vortices after passing through a sector diaphragm" and "Superposition of two vortex beams with equal power"), the RF Ministry of Science and Higher Education under a government project of the FSRC "Crystallography and Photonics" RAS (Section "Superposition of two vortex beams with different power"), and the grant for Samara University within the federal academic leadership program "Priority 2030" (Section "Normalized orbital angular momentum of a superposition of two optical vortices after passing through a binary radial grating").


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