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Calculation and measurement of the diffraction field of a plane electromagnetic wave inside and outside a microsphere

A.V. Smirnitsky 1, R.V. Skidanov 1, 2, V.V.Kotlyar 1, 2
1Samara State Aerospace University (SSAU)
2Image Processing Systems Institute of RAS

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Pages: 94-105 .

Full text of article: Russian language.

Based on the Mie theory, the electric-field vector, the vector of intensity, and the Umov-Poynting vector were calculated for the electromagnetic field formed as a result of diffraction of a plane linearly polarized monochromatic wave on a dielectric microsphere with the radius of several wavelengths. Using a microscope and a television camera, light intensity distribution was also measured on different planes near a polystyrene ball with a diameter of 5 microns when a light beam of a helium-neon laser was diffracted on it. The calculated and the experimental diffraction patterns fundamentally comply with each other.

electromagnetic wave, microsphere, Mie theory, Umov-Poynting vector, plane linearly polarized monochromatic wave, helium-neon laser.

Smirnitsky AV, Skidanov RV, Kotlyar VV. Calculation and measurement of the diffraction field of a plane electromagnetic wave inside and outside a microsphere. Computer Optics 2005; 27: 95-104

This work was supported by the Russian-American Basic Research and Higher Education Program (BRHE) and a grant from the President of the Russian Federation (NSh-1007.2003.1).


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